Safe use of Diisocyanates

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From August 24, 2023, Norwegian authorities require that everyone who uses diisocyanates, and diisocyanate-containing mixtures, must receive training. The requirement means that practitioners must become familiar with harmful effects, how exposure takes place, preventive measures, safe working methods and handling of accidents and unwanted incidents, in accordance with REACH regulation no. 2020/1149. The course introduces the practical application of the regulation.

Purpose: Provide knowledge about and a basis for safe work and handling of diisocyanates and materials containing them.

Who does the requirement apply to? The training requirement applies to everyone who uses diisocyanates and diisocyanate-containing mixtures and products in professional or industrial establishments, and those who supervise this type of work. The requirement applies to both employers, employees and the self-employed.

Among others, the following topics are reviewed:

-REACH Regulation No. 2020/1149

-What diisocyanates are

-Risks linked to diisocyanates

-Use of product data sheets and material catalogues

-Preventive security measures

-Personal and collective protective equipment

-Symptoms of exposure

-First aid training

Practical information: The course can be completed on a PC, smartphone, or tablet, if you have access to the internet. After completing the course, you must pass a test and participate in a webinar with a live instructor to be issued a course certificate.

Price: The course costs 890.- eks.mva. A certificate of completion is included in the price.

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