Safety Representative Course (40 hours)
– Blended learning

kr 8.500,00 ekskl. mva.

The work environment act requires employers to provide documented HSE training for safety representatives and members of working environment committees. Due to the cost and time required, some find it hard to undergo a 40-hour course in a classroom setting. To make the course more accessible and convenient, we have developed a hybrid course, combining classroom education with e-learning, based on our success with regular classroom courses.

The following topics and more will be covered:
– Working Environment Act
– HSE-regulations
– Safety representative’s responsibilities
– Brief walkthrough of performance of work and risk assessment
– Work Environment committee
– Purposeful HSE work
– Physical/Chemical work environment
– Safety inspections, surveying and follow-up
– Accidents and accident prevention efforts
– Internal controls
– Group work/Solving cases

Target group: Safety representatives, members of working environment committees and others involved in HSE work.

Knowledge requirements: None

Practical information:
– First, the participants undertake the e-learning course. This provides an introduction to the most important topics within HSE work. The course contains several modules with films, text and pictures. The course ends with a test that has to be passed to receive the certificate of completion, documenting gained competence.
– When the test is passed, one can enroll in an online two-day classroom course. Enrollment is requested by email to
– After the course, the participants will continue with self-study and application of gained knowledge in the participant’s company, through summary assignments and one practical assignment. Altogether these three stages make up one 40-hour HSE-course.

Price: The course costs 8.500,- ex. vat. and include both the online and the classroom course. The certificate of completion is included in the price.

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